What is AMIS?

The Academic Management Information System (AMIS) is the source of official reporting information for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It is a snapshot of UNL's data taken each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer).

The snapshot is collated and checked for errors and omissions. Once the data has been cleaned, it is staged as the semester “snapshot”. This data is then used to generate the official reports for that term or summer session.

As per University of Nebraska Board of Regents' policy, the enrollment census date is the sixth day of the Fall and Spring terms.  The census date for each of the four summer sessions varies between two and five days, depending upon the session.

Using the AMIS Dataset

There are several ways to use AMIS. If you are looking to use AMIS through an online reporting tool (e.g. WebFOCUS), first make sure you have access to AMIS. Then contact the reporting tool administrators to request help setting up the data connections through the reporting tool.

To use AMIS directly from your computer, you must setup an ODBC connection to AMIS, via a data management application, such as Access or Excel, to return the data for your use.

More About AMIS

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