Request AMIS Access

There are several requirements for getting access to AMIS (Academic Management Information System).  You must be an UNL employee.  AMIS is not open to those outside UNL. You will need to have your college dean request that you be granted access to AMIS. They may mail or email a statement to IEA (contact information). It should be something like the following (PDF version):

I approve [Name's] request for access to the AMIS (Academic Management Information System) for use in data analysis concerning our college. [Name] understands that he/she will need to submit UNL confidentiality forms for both the SAP/HR system and the student system.

[Dean's signature]
Additionally, the following two confidentiality forms must be signed and returned to IEA.
  1. Confidentiality Statement
  2. Statement of Understanding on Use of Student Records
Once the appropriate documents are returned, your AMIS user account will be created. The overnight batch process must run two times in order to complete the update of your account. Once the account is fully updated, you will be able to access AMIS.