Tableau is a data visualization product specializing in business intelligence. It works with hundreds of data sources, allows for fast and easy visualization design and deployment and works with all devices. The Nebraska campuses will be deploying Tableau to improve data access and decision making.


Tableau Conference 2018

  • When: Oct 22-25
  • Where: New Orleans, LA
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What Kind of Data User Are You?

Do you ONLY need to view reports to make decisions, answer questions and/or identify more questions?

If you answered YES, you will be a Data Interactor and can use a FREE Tableau License.

Do you have access to data sources and need to design, build and analyze the data into reports and dashboards to be consumed by others?

If you answered YES, you will be a Data Publisher and will need a Tableau Desktop License.

How much does a Tableau Desktop License cost and how do I purchase one?


Licenses can be purchased via E-Shop, #137528

If you are purchasing for someone else, please include their name and email in the 'Notes' section during checkout.

Now that I know what kind of data user I am, How Do I Get Access?

Once I have access, How Do I View Published Reports and Dashboards?

Data Publishers please go to the Data Publishers Section

Open a browser, any browser, and go to

Log in using your TrueYou credentials.

You will see Projects containing reports and dashboards that you have access to see.

Here is a quick guide on how to navigate and run reports and dashboards: Server Navigation Guide

Data Publishers

Current Tableau Server Version: 10.5.1.

Reports and Dashboards can only be published to the server if they were made with Tableau Desktop with a version that matches or is older than the above server version.

Tableau Desktop Guides

Guide on connecting Tableau Desktop to your data source(s)

Guide on preparing to publish to Tableau Server

Guide on publishing to the Tableau Server