Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics (IEA)

The creation of the Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics (IEA) team under the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer allows the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to leverage experience and expertise that already exists on campus, and provides in a data and technology environment that supports and encourages growth and excellence.

Following University of Arizona and Purdue University successful models, we will gather together resources and people with expertise in campus data reporting, three dimensional analytical data models, reporting software and systems, and predictive modeling. This new research and reporting group will support and empower campus leaders to answer questions and make decisions that will guide UNL to our 2020 growth goals.

Vision Statement

Helping people access and understand data for better decision making.

Mission Statement

To facilitate and support research and analytics needs in the areas of student information, budget, human resources and facilities through the integration of campus data, analytic and reporting tools and human expertise.

Core Values

Integrity -

IEA prides itself on being honest, transparent, and open-minded.

Accuracy -

IEA works to be 100% accurate in all reporting and analysis.

Efficiency -

IEA continually improves efficiency through human expertise and modern technology.


Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics provides data analysis for decision making, policy development and review, and provides official data for internal and external audiences.

We provide analytic and reporting information related to:

  • Resource allocation decisions;
  • Establishing campus goals and objectives;
  • Developing campus performance metrics;
  • Developing enrollment management projections.

As needed, we conduct surveys (students, alumni, faculty/staff and employers) and special research studies to assist in policy making and decision making.

We empower people to seek, find, and understand information. We serve the university community to the best of our ability, embracing the highest levels of quality in service, communication, and professionalism.